Welcome to the website of transition coach Alison Zarecky. 

A Transition Coach is like a catalyst, working in partnership with you to help you design and live your ideal life.

A coach’s job is to help you press the pause button, and give you space and time to re-evaluate where you are right now in your life, and form a compelling vision of where you would like to be. Using powerful questions as well as exercises from our coaches “tool kit”, I then help you identify what steps you need to take to achieve your goals, and also what obstacles are getting in the way, and how we can overcome them.

I will actively listen to you, believe in you and have absolute faith in your ability to succeed in whatever you want in life.

I work in a flexible way: clients can book just one or two sessions, and space these out as required. Coaching is not counselling: it is generally focused on the present and future. My particular areas of interest are working with strengths, positive pyschology and life and career transitions.

  • Discover your strengths and what really energises you.
  • Clarify your values – what’s really important to you.
  • Life coaching and goal setting: evaluate your current satisfaction with different areas of your life and decide what you wish to change and how.
  • Firework Career Change programme.: this is made up or 3 phases: explore/dream/discover, and helps you make compelling and robust career choices.
  • Help in navigating challenging or complex life transitions and clarifying new goals.
  • Individual sessions
  • Group coaching (Maximum of 8 people)
  • Workshops

Be empowered to:

  • Identify a fulfilling life purpose
  • Generate and evaluate robust career choices
  • Navigate your way effectively through challenging life or career transitions
  • Maintain a better work-life balance
  • Develop more self-confidence
  • Gain more focus in your life goals
  • Build and sustain your motivation and resilience